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If you haven’t noticed yet… medicine is changing at rapid speed. We are embracing these changes and working hard to bring the best and latest to our patients. While the changing insurance model continues to make it a challenge to run a small family medicine practice, we have found a way to offer you the best care in an affordable insurance-based model.

We continue to believe that the source of all health is YOU! The everyday decisions you make with food and lifestyle choices are 90% of what contributes to disease. Genetics are at our foundation, but science has now proven we can change our genes with the choices we make! That is powerful! What can YOU do? Engage in your healthcare and find a partner to guide you to dig in deeper to find the root causes of disease and move toward health.

Over the last year…we have been evolving to better serve our patients. Please ask us about “Functional Medicine”. This is a relatively new field that is transforming healthcare by really helping patients get to the root cause of disease instead of just treating symptoms with medication. While the field of “Functional Medicine” is new the concepts that it promotes are not! Rather, this field is a toolbox to help organize and apply ancient wisdom of healing and science through the use of a systems-based biology approach to diagnosis and management of common conditions. If you want to learn more…click HERE.

Look for more exciting changes in our practice such as Integrative/Functional Medicine evaluations, Group Visits, New & Improved Lifestyle Change Program, Nutritional Health Coaching and much much more.

Insurance and the standard medical model will NOT always cover these services but we will continue to work with you to offer quality care and use your insurance to cover these services when we can. We continue to believe investing in your health is one of the most important investments you can make!!

We are extremely excited to announce the addition of Dr. Melchiorra Mangiaracina to our practice. She is a DO with vast experience and training in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and NeuroMuscular Medicine. This form of treatment can be vey helpful with acute or chronic musculoskeletal complaints but can also address multiple medical conditions due to the relationship of our musculoskeletal system to the rest of our body.

Check out additional information about Dr. Mangiaracine on our "About Us" page.


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